Dead bookmark links (or are they?)

Having accumulated hundreds of bookmarks on Screenwriting over the years, inevitably some sites will shut down for whatever reason - and that gem of information that you bookmarked them for is gone.... or so you thought!

I just wanted to share this site with everyone as it's allowed me to salvage many a pearl of information that would otherwise be lost . has a feature called the 'Wayback Machine' that crawls most websites around the world and takes a snapshot of he content, kept as an archive in time if you like.

Should you find that a bookmark you've kept all of a sudden becomes redundant, see if there's a snapshot at's 'Wayback Machine', and if there is, copy the information and save it in a format that you can then refer to locally or upload to Google Docs to have on hand whenever you need it!

And there won't be the same pain felt as our fearless friend, Napoleon Dynamite here!

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